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RADAC Safety Statement


Safety and Risk Management


It is a requirement of fishing on RADAC waters that anglers read and accept this safety

and risk management policy

. All anglers should be aware of the risks they face on the Club’s waters . These include an assessment of the following :-

Paths and Banks   -   These may be uneven , unstable and slippery

Drowning             -   The river is inherently dangerous with deep and fast – flowing stretches.

                               Buoyancy aids are recommended .

Walls and Fences -   Dry stone walls and Fences should be crossed at approved access points

                                using stiles and gates .Walls are often unstable and should not be

                                climbed and fences may contain barbed wire .

Wading                -  The river bottom is very uneven, rocky and slippery with algae on stones.

                               A wading staff is recommended and also a buoyancy aid .

                               River level can rise rapidly and unpredictably .

Power Lines         -  Avoid fishing in the vicinity of power cables . Carbon fibre fishing rods

                                are very efficient conductors of electricity and even when not actually

                                touching the cable a fatal shock may occur .

Casting                 -  Anglers must show full consideration to others on the riverbank . Public

                               footpaths pass alongside many of our fishing waters so passers-by must

                               be expected and avoided when casting .

                               It is recommended that protective eyewear and headgear is worn when

                               fishing . Weighted flies especially should be cast with caution .

Animals                -  All farm animals can occasionally be dangerous and should be avoided,

                                especially when accompanied by their young .

Weils Disease      -  This is widely found in river water . Never put wet line or other wet

                               tackle in your mouth.


  Anglers should fish with a companion whenever possible or if alone leave details of

  itinerary and expected time of return with someone .


  The Club accepts no liability for any damage or injury that anglers cause or suffer to

  themselves , others or property and they must have insurance for such eventualities .

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